Why Work With Me?

Because you know it is time to take steps to feel better. Because you may be feeling disconnected from yourself, from others, from life. You may be feeling that your relationship is in need of a tune up–or more. Maybe you are experiencing anxiety, guilt, shame, or frustration every time you think of certain situations. Talking with a Licensed Professional Counselor can greatly help. Therapy is a collaborative process and we will work together in identifying your goals for treatment, problematic issues, and drawing upon your already existing strengths to help you live the life you deserve.

My style of working is professional, as well as personable. The majority of my clients report feeling  accepted, relaxed, and challenged in our work together, and that they can bring anything to the therapeutic table.

In addition to many years of clinical practice, I have over thirty years of expertise and experience in helping adolescents and their families. I have worked successfully in helping teenagers and young adults navigate through what can be very challenging times. Most have reported significant decreases in symptoms of depression, anxiety or self destructive behavior, with an increase in feelings of positive self regard, motivation and satisfying relationships with family and peers.