Children and Adolescents

In addition to working with adults and couples, I have extensive experience and expertise in working with older children and adolescents. Most kids will not ask for help and many parents see it as a personal failure if they take their children to a counselor. There can be nothing further from the truth. It takes maturity and strength to be willing to acknowledge that as parent, you do not have all of the answers, and to seek professional help, whether for your child or yourself.

There are many reasons why it is appropriate to seek counseling for your son, daughter, (or yourself if you are a teen reading this). The teenage years can be filled with times of confusion, depression, anxiety, low self esteem and poor choices. Many young folks are struggling with issues related to body image, making friends, coping with divorce, death or loss of a loved one, blended family issues, or pressure from their peers and/or family to conform to certain expectations. These are but a few of the problems young people are facing, and I have helped hundreds over the years to feel better about themselves, their relationships and the decisions they are facing. Whenever appropriate and possible, I include family members in treatment and will also work with the schools in order to provide optimal success for your child.